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The Arkansas Secretary of State’s Office (SOS) is requesting qualifications from architecture firms for professional on-call architectural services related to various construction, restoration, renovation, and repair projects within the State Capitol building and upon its grounds in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Qualified firms shall be properly licensed and insured and demonstrate verifiable experience in planning and design, new construction, building and infrastructure renovation, repairs, restoration, modifications, demolition, and alterations involving structural, mechanical, utility, and other systems.  Firms with substantive knowledge and experience working with historic and historically-significant civic and governmental buildings and projects are preferred. Highly- qualified firms may have experience working on buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, preservation of such buildings’ historical attributes/original character, and experience with historically-relevant materials.

Responses shall be evaluated on the following criteria:

The firm’s unique abilities to meet the requirements of the request for qualifications (RFQ).

Experience and qualifications with projects in architecture, engineering, construction administration, and planning consistent with the scope of work identified in the RFQ.

Qualifications of the project manager and other key project team members.

References familiar with the quality of work of the firm.

Current project workload, state projects awarded, and recent experience with project costs and schedules.

 Proximity to and familiarity with the Arkansas State Capitol building and grounds.

Other factors that may be appropriate to the scope of work identified in the RFQ.

The SOS Office will appoint a selection committee which will evaluate each response based upon the above criteria and may require firms to make on-site oral and visual presentations which will be further evaluated based upon the following criteria:

Overview of the Vendor.

Similar Projects Completed.


SOS staff shall enter negotiations with the most responsive firm to negotiate fees and finalize a contract.  If SOS staff is unable to negotiate a satisfactory fee structure for the services to be provided with the most responsive firm, negotiations will be formally terminated and negotiations with the next highest scoring firm will be initiated.  The negotiation process will be repeated until a selection has been made, or until such time as the SOS Office decides not to move forward with a contract.

Firms may submit written questions requesting clarification of information contained within this RFQ.  Please reference the RFQ number (RFQ # 2019-1) in the subject line. Written questions shall be addressed only to:

Jodi Bourne


The deadline for submitting questions specific to the RFQ shall be August 16, 2019; 4:00 pm CST.

Written questions shall be consolidated and responded to by SOS staff and posted to the SOS website.

One (1) original and three (3) hard copies of each response (each copy bound in a single volume where practical) and one (1) electronic redacted (pdf) copy on flash drive shall be submitted to:

Arkansas Secretary of State

Attn: Capitol Facilities Office, Jodi Bourne

500 Woodlane, Suite 31

Little Rock, AR 72201

All responses to this RFQ shall be received by the SOS Office no later than September 10, 2019; 4:00 pm CST.

For any additional information or to request an RFQ packet, please call 501-682-6244, or email

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