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Start a Business!

Business & Commercial Services (BCS) provides a wide range of services to individuals and companies who conduct business within Arkansas, whether they’re based inside the state or elsewhere.

BCS is Arkansas’s starting point for entrepreneurs wishing to transact business in the state. Consumers can search for a unique name for their company as well as file the appropriate document types for their business.  To download a complete "Doing Business in Arkansas" guide, please click on the photo to the right

The BCS Division also records trademarks, files notary public certifications, issues Authentication of Documents and Apostilles, and records Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Filings.

You can reach the Business & Commercial Services (BCS) office by calling 888-233-0325 or 501-682-3409 or by e-mail at The office is located in the Victory Building at 1401 W. Capitol Avenue, Suite 250, Little Rock, AR 72201.