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We look forward to serving you and welcome your comments. For specific questions, please contact the appropriate department below.

For scheduling requests for Secretary Thurston, please email details of the event to scheduling@sos.arkansas.gov.

Mailing Address

Arkansas Secretary of State
State Capitol, Suite 256
500 Woodlane Street
Little Rock, AR 72201

Business and Commercial Services Division

Phone: 501-682-3409 or toll-free outside the Little Rock area: (888) 233-0325.
Email: corprequest@sos.arkansas.gov

Capitol Events

Phone: 501-682-6244
Email: capitolevents@sos.arkansas.gov

Capitol Facilities

Phone: 501-682-6244

Education Division

Email: education@sos.arkansas.gov 

Elections Division

Phone: 501-682-5070
Toll free outside the Little Rock area: (800) 482-1127
Email: electionsemail@sos.arkansas.gov

Executive Division

Phone: 501-682-1010

Fiscal Office

Phone: 501-682-8032
Email: business@sos.arkansas.gov

Grounds Division

Phone: 501-682-6244

Human Resources Division

Phone: 501-683-5487

Legal Division

Phone: 501-682-3401
Email: general_info@sos.arkansas.gov


Email: media@sos.arkansas.gov

State Capitol Gift Shop

Phone: 501-682-3593
Email: arkansasstatecapitolgiftshop@sos.arkansas.gov

500 Grill

Phone: 501-539-7309

State Capitol Police

Phone: 501-682-5173