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Welcome to the Arkansas Secretary of State's new financial disclosure search engine. This tool allows you to access Financial Disclosure reports filed both on paper and online with the Secretary of State's office, including Statement of Financial Interest Reports, Extra Income Disclosures, Disclosure by the Members of the General Assembly, Contribution and Expenditure Reports, Political Action Committee Reports and Lobbyist Reports.

To find a report, enter the last name of the filer in the search field below. As you type, names will appear in a convenient drop-down list. For example: If you begin typing "Doe", you might see both "John Doe" and "John D. Doe". Simply click on a name to see available records. The number of filings may vary for each name. You may also view all results for a last name; simply enter the last name of the candidate, and click "Search." If you have any questions or comments about this service, please contact our Elections Department at (501) 682-5070 or by e-mail at

Elected officials and candidates filings are available online, all others can be obtained from the Secretary of State by calling the Secretary of State's Elections Department at 501-682-5070 or by email at

If your requested filing is not available online, please contact the Secretary of State's office for more information on how to obtain a copy of the filing.