Classroom Presentations

The Education team has a diverse line-up of hands-on, cross-curricular and educational presentations that can be made available to you and your students in the comforts of your own classroom!

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Arkansas State Symbols (Grades K-2)

This presentation provides a fun and interactive way to teach students about Arkansas State Symbols. Our Education team unveils a box filled with tangible items that directly correspond to many of those symbols. Students will have the opportunity to physically touch all of the symbols we bring, further solidifying them to memory. This particular presentation pairs very well with the State Symbols Activity Book. [Order by clicking HERE!]

How a Bill Becomes a Law (Grades 4-8)

An overview of the three branches of Government followed by an activity that requires students to create a law for their own classroom. Students will split into two groups acting as the House of Representatives and the Senate, a mock session. During this law making process students are expected to follow the same procedures as our legislators. This presentation gives students the opportunity to actively participate in the steps of turning a bill into a law!

The Arkansas Traveler (Grades 3-12)

This presentation is as cross-curricular as it gets! Students analyze the tale, the tune, and the paintings of the iconic Arkansas Traveler. It also provides great insight into Arkansas' History and reputation. Many teachers use this presentation as the starting point for an extension activity where students create their own tale, tune or painting for a certain time or place they’re studying in history, or even for modern day Arkansas. For a creative teacher, the sky is the limit on follow-up lessons to this presentation.

Little Golden Books (Grades K-5)

Beginning with a brief history of Little Golden Books, students learn the difference between an author and an illustrator. We put a very special focus on Little Rock-native Mercer Mayer’s work as an illustrator and author in this series. Students will have the oppurtunity to showcase their own creative skills in illustrating and/or writing. After a Little Golden Book has been read to your class students are expected to draw their own version of the character discussed in the story. Older students have the opportunity to read a very short story and draw pictures that directly reflects the story they read.