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National Statuary Hall Collection


The United States Congress authorized the creation of the National Statuary Hall Collection in 1864 to allow each state to provide two (2) statues of notable citizens for display in the United States Capitol.  Arkansas has two (2) statues presently displayed in the National Statuary Hall Collection, one (1) dedicated to U.M. Rose by Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 6, Acts 1915, and one (1) dedicated to James P. Clarke by Acts 1917. Federal legislation enacted in 2000, provided that states may request the replacement of statues which have been displayed for at least 10 years by a resolution of the state legislature and approval of the Governor.


Act 1068 of 2019

Act 1068 of 2019, effective July 24, 2019, was enacted by the Arkansas General Assembly to authorize the replacement of the existing statues of U.M. Rose and James P. Clarke with statues of Daisy Lee Gatson Bates and John R. “Johnny” Cash. The act also established the National Statuary Hall Collection Trust Fund through which donations may be made to fund the replacement of both statues.


Submitting Donations

If you would like to donate money to the National Statuary Hall Collection Trust Fund, please complete the donor information below, make checks payable to Treasurer of the State of Arkansas and mail or deliver your check and this form to:

Arkansas Secretary of State’s Office
State Capitol, Suite 12
500 Woodlane Street
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201

Click Here to Download the Donation Form 


Please address any questions to: Kurt Naumann, Director of Administration, 501-680-0239 or