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Filing of Municipal Boundary Changes with the Secretary of State

Per Arkansas Code, municipal annexations, detachments, consolidations, incorporations, a surrender of charter (dis-incorporations), and classification changes are to be filed with the Secretary of State. Municipal boundary filings should be submitted to the Secretary of State by the County Clerk immediately following the date the change goes into effect.

Passage of Act 914 during the 2015 General Assembly Regular Session, added the requirement that an before undertaking an incorporation, dis-incorporation, annexation, consolidation, or detachment, the originating entity must contact the Arkansas Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Office regarding the preparation of the legal description and digital mapping of the affected land area – see A.C.A § 14-38-116 and § 14-40-101. Following are the GIS Office contact instructions:

Copies of the GIS Office certified map and certification letter should accompany all municipal boundary filings submitted to the Secretary of State. In addition, please provide the Arkansas Code Section under which the change is taking place, proof of publication of the legal notices and the effective date for the change as part of the filing information.

To assist in the filing process, the following checklist was created. When the County Clerk (or City Clerk) files a municipal boundary change with SOS, please attach a copy of the completed checklist along with a file-marked copy of the City Ordinance, County Court Order (if applicable), printed map, Arkansas Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Office certification letter and supporting documents. The link below will take you to a fillable PDF copy of the checklist.

Please feel free to contact the Office of the Secretary of State at 1-888-233-0325 or 1-501-682-5070 if you have additional questions or concerns.