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Act 137 of 2019 has changed the due date of charitable organizations' report filings from August 1st of each year to no later than 180 days after an individual organizations's fiscal year end date. Please contact the Arkansas Secretary of State Charities Division with any questions.

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Charities Forms
Form CR-01 – Charitable Organization Registration Form
Form CR-02 – Charitable Organization Consent for Service
Form CR-03 – Annual Financial Report Form
Form CR-04 – Notice of Sales Promotion with Coventurer
Form EX-01 – Exempt Organization Verification
Fundraising Counsel Forms
Form FC-01 – Fundraising Counsel Annual Application for Registration
Form FC-02 – Fundraising Counsel Consent for Service
Paid Solicitor Forms
Form PS-01 – Paid Solicitor Annual Application for Registration
Form PS-02 – Bond for Paid Solicitor
Form PS-03 – Paid Solicitor Consent for Service
Form PS-04 – Paid Solicitor Notice of Entry Into Contract
Form PS-05 – Financial Report for Solicitation Campaign
Form PT-01 – Professional Telemarketer Annual Application for Registration
Form PT-02 – Professional Telemarketer Consent for Service
Telephonic Sellers Forms
Act 137 of 1993 – Act to Require Registration and to Regulate Telephonic Sellers
Form TS-01 – Telephonic Seller Application for Registration
Form TS-02 – Telephonic Salesperson Consent for Service
Form TS-03 – Telephonic Salesperson Application for Registration
Form TS-04 – Telephonic Seller Consent for Service
Form TS-05 - Bond for Telephonic Seller
Contact the Consumer Protection Division of the Arkansas Attorney General's Office by filing a consumer complaint online, by email at or by calling 800-482-8982.