Email Confirmation FAQ

E-mail Confirmation FAQ

How do I ensure I will receive confirmation emails?

To ensure you receive these e-mails please do the following:

Business Entity Filings:

Check your Junk folder and/or your Deleted folder. If you are able to locate the email, you may right click on the e-mail, go to Junk E-mail and then select Add Senders Domain to Safe Sender List.

If you are unable to locate any of the notifications, you may simply add support@ark.org to your contact list(address book). To do this go to option on the File Menu and select Contacts (or CTRL + 3). When the contact window opens, click on the New button. This will present you with a New Contact window and you should enter support@ark.org in the e-mail field, then click on Save & Close.

If the above option did not correct the situation, please ask your system administrator to white list the domain "ark.org" on their spam filter / server rules.