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Central Ballot Counter

Voters use a pen to mark a paper ballot that is then placed in a ballot box at each precinct. Voters will fill in an oval beside the candidate’s name they wish to select. When the polls close, these ballot boxes are taken to a central location, usually the courthouse, where they are fed into the Central Ballot Counter, which “reads” the ballots and tabulates the votes. Voters using this system will need to carefully check their ballots for accuracy before placing them in the ballot box. The Central Ballot Counter will not count votes in races where there is an over-vote.

1,2,3, Vote

1. Receive Ballot
A poll worker will issue a paper ballot and direct you to a voting booth.
2. Select Candidate
To select your candidate, use a pen to fill in the oval beside the candidate’s name you wish to choose.
3. Review Ballot
After completing your ballot, check over each race to make sure you have marked the ballot as you intended. If you make a mistake, simply ask the poll worker for another ballot.
4. VOTE!
When finished making your choices, place your ballot in the ballot box. All ballots in your county will be counted at a central location after the polls close. Because your ballot is counted after you leave the polling place, you will not be alerted of any over-votes or under-votes.
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Over-vote- A voter casts votes for more than the allowable number of candidates in a contest or cast votes for and against an issue in a contest. Over-voted races cannot be counted. However, if you do over-vote and you have not put your ballot into the ballot box, you can request a new ballot from an election official. You will be asked to sign a Spoiled Ballot Affidavit. You may “spoil” up to two ballots and receive another (three ballots total). Once you drop your ballot in the ballot box, no changes can be made.

Under-vote- no vote is recorded by the voter for a contest.