Vote in Honor of a Veteran

In Arkansas, we love and respect our veterans. As your Secretary of State, I want our veterans to have the voice in our democracy that they have earned. Throughout April we will be working with the veterans' service organization, We Are The 22, to reach out to veterans across the state to ensure they are both registered and ready to vote. I am also recruiting support for the initiative from all Arkansans by asking them to dedicate their vote to a veteran they wish to honor or encourage. To participate in the Vote in Honor of a Veteran initiative, Arkansans may dedicate their vote to a veteran or an active service member by leaving a message honoring their service by submitting an email to media@sos.arkansas.gov.  Click here to view all #VetsVote Mobile Registration dates and locations.

Vote in Honor of a Veteran Submissions

I would like to submit Veteran Wille Gray - Vietnam. - Linda Purifoy

I plan to cast my ballot in honor of MSgt Danny Holland who died serving his country on June 8, 1988.
Thank you,
Tanya Fischer, AR ANG, CMSgt (Ret)

George Duboise,  SFC. 875TH Engineer Bn. - Donald Meredith

I dedicate my vote to Mikel Brooks and Michael Springer.  They served in Iraq thank you guys for your sacrifices. - Leslie Bellamy

I would like to submit  Veteran William E Cowan – Vietnam Era - Jackie Cowan

We would like to honor my brother Chris Hooten of Vilonia.  He served some years back in the Iraq war and suffers from PTSD.   He is so proud to have served and very proud to be an American. He loves this country more than anyone I know. #ARVetsVote - Andy and Jessica Hooten

I Dedicate my vote to my Great Uncle Warren E. Koontz, whom I never met, because he was killed on D-Day, June 6, 1944.  He left Ursula, Arkansas to serve his country and never returned. - Randy Koontz

I will be voting Republican. Capt. (06) U.S. Navy (RET.) - Donald C. Hill, J.D.

Theodore D. Sweeden
-WWII (Grandfather) and Donald (Don) Johnson-Vietnam (former Pope County Clerk). - Pam Ennis

I will be voting in honor of Spc Aaron J (AJ) Walker (United States Army, 1st Armor Division, Vilseck Germany) who was killed in combat operations in Iraq. – Arkansas Secretary of State John Thurston

I’d like to honor: Bravo Company, 1st Platoon, 3rd Recon BN, Sangin Valley - Sandra Blount

I would like to vote for Donald Meredith. - Kim Meredith

Sgt. Kenneth Melton who served in Iraq and was killed on April 25, 2004 thank you for your sacrifice. - Michael Springer

I am proud to vote in honor of my Dad Kevin L. Hayes, a veteran of the United Sates Army. My Dad Daniel W. Thompson a USAF veteran who served in Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi freedom.  My Grandfathers David Thompson and George Hayes both retired veterans of the USAF. Kenneth Mars, my great grandfather, killed in action in WWII . Lastly, my Aunt Genise Thompson USAF.  I am proud of my military roots and will vote in the honor of my family. - Shantell McGraw

I dedicate my vote to my uncle, George Duboise. - Tera Riga

I want to vote for my Uncle George Duboise - Brian Riga

I dedicate my vote to George Duboise, SFC. 875th Engineer Bn - Nicole Whitaker

I will cast my ballot in this election in honor of my late grandfather, Henry Thomas Jones, Jr., for his service and gallantry in World War II and the Korean War, and for his brave and stoic battle against the PTSD that followed. - Hank Jones

Chelis Patterson. He retired from the Navy.  Benjamin Harrison Patterson. My Grandfather who served in WW1 USA Army Karen Patterson Loyd - Karen Patterson Loyd

I am honored to be casting my vote this year in honor of my brother Colonel Norman Southerland (Retired).  Colonel Southerland joined the Army in 1969 in the midst of the Vietnam conflict and served 33 years in a distinguished career that included Korea, Germany. the Iran Contra conflict in Honduras, Desert Storm, the Somalia conflict, plus command assignments in Army intelligence training, security surveys for the Pentagon, and as the senior Army advisor to the Arkansas National Guard.  After retirement, he served on the elections board in White county for several years.  Truly a man of honorable service. - Dwight Southerland