Proposed Ballot Measures from the 92nd General Assembly for the 2020 General Election

HJR1018 - To Continue a Levy of One-Half Percent Sales and Use Tax for the State's Highway System, County Roads, and City Streets.

SJR15 - The Arkansas Term Limits Amendment.

HJR1008 - An Amendment to the Arkansas Constitution to Amend the Process for the Submission and Approval of Proposed Initiated Acts, Constitutional Amendments, and Referenda.

Potential Ballot Measures by Petition for the 2020 General Election

Arkansas Term Limits Amendment - Arkansas Term Limits, BQC, 501-590-8260.

In compliance with Act 376 of 2019, the sponsor/s above have filed the original draft of the petition with the Secretary of State. This list of proposed ballot measures does not indicate that a petition is being actively circulated. For more information about a proposed measure, please contact the sponsor.

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