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Administrative Rules and Regulations Database Download  

The Secretary of State's Administrative Rules and Regulations Database is available for download through the Information Network of Arkansas (INA).

The INA site allows subscribers to access and download Emergency Rules, Emergency Rule Summaries, Notice of Rules, Proposed Rules, Proposed Rule Summaries and Final Rules in a historical file that consists of an index and images from 1977-01-01 through 2008-12-31. Thereafter you will be able to download a new monthly file that will be updated and posted each Monday following the last day of the month. There will be a minimum charge of $10 per download, $0.10 per index record and $0.10 per image access fee will be charged for the historical and monthly files.

Historical File:
Date: 1977-2008
Total Count: 10043
Total Image Count: 2685
Total Rule Count: 7358
Total Notice Count: 733
Total Final Count: 6816
Total Proposed Rule Count: 843
Total Proposed Rule Summary Count: 250
Total Emergency Count: 369
Total Emergency Summary Count: 19

Latest File:
Total Count:
Total Image Count:
Total Rule Count:
Total Notice Count:
Total Final Count:
Total Proposed Rule Count:
Total Proposed Rule Summary Count:
Total Emergency Count:
Total Emergency Summary Count:

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About Secretary of State's Administrative Rules and Regulations Data

The Secretary of State updates this information regularly to ensure that it is complete and accurate. Please keep in mind, however, that the information can change quickly and this site may not reflect the true current information regarding all Final and Emergency Rules.

Any unauthorized use of this information is forbidden and subject to criminal prosecution.

Explanatory Statements

A special character ( *, %, ~, #, ^, <, \\, / ) following an agency name signifies that the name or status has changed in the past. The agency may have revised its name or merged with another agency or division, or a division may have separated to form an independent agency.

Date Filed column indicates date when the most recent action/activity was filed with the Secretary of State. In most instances, this is the date the Final rule was filed. No Final rule electronic copies were filed with the office prior to September 2001 (Act 1648 of 2001). No rule notices, emergency, adopted or proposed rule electronic copies were filed with the office prior to July 2003 (Act 1478 of 2003).


The rules contained on this website are not to be considered "official" copies of agency rules. Official copies of the rules remain the paper copies housed in the Arkansas Register division of the Secretary of State's office. The Secretary of State's office makes no warranties or guarantees regarding the content of the copies presented on its website.

Contact INA

For questions and technical support, you may contact the Information Network of Arkansas
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