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Photo ID Required for Voting

Date: 2/25/2014

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Photo ID Required for Voting


With early voting beginning this week for upcoming special elections in several counties, Secretary of State Mark Martin reminds voters to take photo identification to the polls.


“Voters who cast an absentee ballot must include identification when they send their absentee ballot,” Martin said. “Anyone voting at the polls, whether early or on election day, must be prepared to show a photo ID before receiving a ballot.”


The Secretary of State’s office has been working to inform voters of the new law.


“Act 595 of 2013 requires voters to provide some form of photo ID,” Martin said. “Several types of identification are acceptable, and voters who do not have any kind of photo ID can go to their county clerk’s office for a free voter photo ID card.”


Accepted forms of photo identification include passports, post-secondary school issued IDs, state or federal employee ID badges, a concealed handgun permit, a public assistance identification card, U.S. military IDs and state-issued driver’s licenses.


A voter who does not have any acceptable photo ID can go to the county clerk’s office and apply for a free photo ID card. This card is valid only for voting.


Residents of long-term or residential care facilities licensed by the state are not required to show photo ID. However, they must have a letter from the facility administrator, saying the voter is a resident of the facility.


Anyone who fails to provide photo ID may cast a provisional ballot. The voter must return to the county clerk’s office or the County Board of Election Commissioners by noon the Monday after the election with proof of ID, or an affidavit swearing the voter has no ID because of indigence or a religious objection to being photographed.


“We want every voter’s ballot to be counted,” Martin said. “It’s important that each voter remember to carry some form of state or federally-issued photo identification, in order to protect their vote.”


More information about the new law and voter ID is available at



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