Arkansas’s Voting Machines

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iVotronic Touch Screen

iVotronic prevents the voter from casting two votes in a single race (over-votes) and alerts the voter of races with no votes cast (under-votes). In addition, the iVotronic also includes a paper receipt that remains in the machine but allows voters to see their individual votes to verify the machine records them accurately.

1,2,3, Vote
A poll worker will activate the machine for you to vote.

1. Activate Ballot

2. Select Candidate
To select your candidate, touch the box next to the name. If you choose the wrong candidate, you can deselect that candidate by touching the box again. The iVotronic will not allow you to over-vote—voting for more people than may be elected to any one office.

3. Review Ballot
After completing the last ballot page, touch “review” and carefully look over your choices. To change a vote, touch the box next to the candidate or office name and then touch the box next to your new selection. You may also review your choices on the paper receipt to the left of the screen.

4. VOTE!
When finished making your choices, press the flashing red “vote” button to cast your ballot. When the “Thank You for Voting” screen appears, you have properly cast your ballot.
iVotronic Demonstration - .Mov
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Over-vote- A voter casts votes for more than the allowable number of candidates in a contest or cast votes for and against an issue in a contest. Over-voted races cannot be counted. However, if you do over-vote and you have not put your ballot into the ballot box, you can request a new ballot from an election official. You will be asked to sign a Spoiled Ballot Affidavit. You may “spoil” up to two ballots and receive another (three ballots total). Once you drop your ballot in the ballot box, no changes can be made.

Under-vote- no vote is recorded by the voter for a contest.