Arkansas’s Voting Machines

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ELECTronic Voting System

The Schouptronic is a poll worker-activated full-face direct recording ELECTronic (DRE) voting system. Voters press the front of a mounted ballot. Underneath the ballot is a touch-sensitive matrix of switches that record the choices. Poll workers activate the machine using an operator panel on the back of the machine to choose the ballot style and voters make choices by touching a numbered box next to their choice. When cast, voting records are recorded internally.

Ready, Set, Vote

Activate Ballot

A poll worker will activate the machine for you to vote.

Select Candidate

To select candidate touch the numbered box next to your choice.

Review Ballot

After completing your ballot, check over each race to make sure you have chosen the correct selections. If you make a mistake just touch the numbered box next to your corrected choice.


When finished making your choices, cast your ballot!