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2014 Sounds of the Season 

Every year, school choirs from around the state come to the Capitol to perform special holiday and Christmas music.

Click on a date below to view and download photos from each performance.

Photos are arranged by performance date, so check the schedule below to find your favorite group.

December 8 - Photo Gallery

9:00 Lonoke Middle School Choir
9:20 Arkadelphia High School Choir
9:40 Little Rock Central High School Madrigals
10:00 Theodore Jones Jaguar Choir
10:20 Sheridan Freshman Academy and Treble
10:40 Gandy Elementary - Gandy Singers
11:00 Kirby Elementary Choir
11:20 Fountain Lake Cobra Chorus
11:40 Hampton Vocal Music Ensemble
12:00 Chicot Elementary Group A
12:20 Chicot Elementary Group B
12:40 Arkansas Northeastern College Singers
1:00 Mann Magnet Middle School Choir
1:20 Brookland Troubador Choir
1:40 Little Rock Christian Academy Jr. High Warrior Choir
2:00 Little Rock Christian Academy Jr. and Sr. High School Warrior Choirs
2:20 Crossett High School Kantorei
2:40 Crossett Middle School 6th Grade Choir
3:00 Ellen Smith Tiger Tones

December 9 - Photo Gallery

9:00 Otter Creek 5th Grade Choir
9:20 St. Joseph Elementary Third Grade
9:40 Moody Singers
10:00 Mann Magnet Middle School--Piano lab
10:20 Cabe Middle School 5th & 6th Grade Choir
10:40 Malvern Elementary School Chorus
11:00 Oaklawn Visual & Performing Arts Magnet ShowChoir
11:20 Sheridan High School Mixed Choir and Jazz Ensemble
11:40 Woodlawn Jr. and Sr. High Choir
12:00 Hoxie High School Senior Mixed Choir
12:20 Two Rivers Jr. High and Sr. High Choir
12:40 Cutter Morning Star High School Choir
1:00 Lake Hamilton 5th grade Choir
1:20 White Hall 6th Grade Beginner Choir
1:40 White Hall 7th Grade Girls Choir
2:00 Benton Junior High School Heartsong
2:20 Mountain Home Chamber Singers
2:40 Danville High School Choir
3:00 Walnut Ridge High School Holiday Singers

December 10 - Photo Gallery

9:00 Robinson Elementary Singing Senators
9:20 Alma Intermediate School 5th Grade Honor Choir
9:40 The Morrilton Melodies
10:00 A Cappella Choir
10:20 Brunson New Vision Charter School- Brunson Super Singers
10:40 Warren Middle School Choiristers
11:00 Kirby High School Choir
11:20 Nettleton Middle School Honor Choir
11:40 Columbia Christian School Choir
12:00 Riverside High School Concert Choir
12:20 Washington Elementary
12:40 Tuckerman High School Music Club
1:00 Arkansas Baptist High School Advanced Choir
1:20 Perryville Senior High Choir
2:00 Sylvan Hills High School
2:20 Jessieville Concert Choir
2:40 Marmaduke High School Choir
3:00 Hamburg Delta Schools Choir

December 11 - Photo Gallery

9:00 Mayflower High School Mayflower High School Choir
9:20 Goza Middle School Choir
9:40 Benton Junior High School Heartsong
10:00 Riverview Junior High Choir
10:20 Central Singing Bears-Arkadelphia, AR
10:40 Warren High School Choir
11:00 Heber Springs Elementary Honor Choir
11:20 Taylor Elementary - Taylor Singers
11:40 Harrison Junior High 9th Girls
12:00 Harrison Junior High 8th & 9th Boys
12:20 Parson Hills Choir
12:40 Cedar Ridge High School Choir
1:00 Gurdon Primary School Choir
1:20 Camden Fairview Middle School Choir
1:40 Treble Makers Bonnie Grimes Elementary
2:00 Marissa & Jacq’s Dancers
2:20 Pangburn Chamber Singers
2:40 Hope Chamber Choir
3:00 Dollarway High School Choir

December 12 - Photo Gallery

9:00 Northwood Middle School Choir
9:20 Episcopal Collegiate School Wildcat Chorale
9:40 Gurdon High School Choir
10:00 Riverview Harmony
10:20 Riverview Honor Choir
10:40 Monticello High / Middle School
11:00 Monticello Intermediate School Treble Choir
11:20 Hot Springs Middle School Choir
11:40 Dover Middle School Buccaneer Choir
12:00 Mena High School Spotlight Singers
12:20 Manila High School Female Chorus
12:40 Manila High School Select Choir
1:00 Star City High School Chamber Singers
1:20 Little Rock Christian Academy - Fourth Grade
1:40 Episcopal Collegiate Chorus
2:00 Episcopal Collegiate Concert Choir
2:20 Corning High School Choir
2:40 Emerson Glee Club
3:00 Emerson High School

December 15 - Photo Gallery

09:00 Pottsville Junior High Mixed Choir
09:20 Ringgold Elementary Choir
09:40 Don Roberts Elementary: Robert’s Choir
10:00 Crystal Hill Elementary 5th Grade Honor Choir
10:20 Christ the King School Choir
10:40 Valley View Chamber Choir
11:00 Julia Lee Moore Elementary, Conway: Mustang Singers
11:20 Carl Stuart Middle School Choir
11:40 Harmony Grove Middle School Choir
12:00 Sequoyah’s 4th Grade Students
12:20 Watson Chapel Senior Mass Choir
12:40 Cossatot River High School Noteworthy and Cantabile
01:00 Cotter Junior High and Senior High Choir
01:20 Lakeside 7th grade choir
02:00 Cedarville Junior High Mixed Chorus
02:20 Cedarville High School Mixed Chorus
02:40 Nettleton Junior High Bel Canto
03:00 Nettleton Junior High Raider Male Choir

December 16 - Photo Gallery

9:00 Westside Elementary Showstoppers
9:20 Eastside Elementary Entertainers
9:40 Hardin Elementary
10:00 Ida Burns Elementary 4th Grade Choir
10:20 Southside Middle School Choir
10:40 Hurricane Creek Patriot Chorus
11:00 Perritt Primary Nickelodeon Choir
11:20 J.B. Hunt Elementary, Hunt Husky Choir
11:40 Academy of the Arts Children’s Choir
12:00 Carolyn Lewis Elementary School Cougar Choir
12:20 Harmony Grove High School Choir
12:40 Oak Grove Middle School - Select Choir (Paragould School DIstrict)
1:00 Mills High School Concert Choir
1:20 Prairie Grove High School Tiger Honor Choir
1:40 Pottsville High School Concert Choir
2:00 Jacksonville Lighthouse Charter Senior High Mixed Chorus
2:20 Jacksonville Lighthouse Charter Junior High Mixed Chorus
2:40 Jacksonville Lighthouse Charter Dynamics
3:00 MacArthur Junior High Choir

December 17 - Photo Gallery

9:00 Clinton Show Choir
9:20 Musical Mateys from Dover Elementary
9:40 Wilson Intermediate School Choirs
10:00 Ray Simon Middle School 6th Grade Choir
10:20 Ray Simon Middle School 7th Grade Choir
10:40 Southside Elementary 3rd grade choir
11:00 Jim Stone Elementary 4th Grade Choir
11:20 Eliza Miller Primary Choir
11:40 Academy of the Arts Children’s Choir
12:00 Prairie Grove Intermediate School Brioso Honor Choir
12:20 Dwight and London Elementary Combined Choir
12:40 Ms. Karen’s Dance Studio
1:00 Morrilton Elementary School Mighty Pup Singers
1:20 Robinson Middle School Senator Choir
1:40 Harrisburg School Junior High Choir
2:00 Harrisburg School Chamber Madrigal Choir
2:20 Allbritton Elementary
2:40 Conway High School Camerata Singers
3:00 Meadowcliff’s Ambassadors of the Arts

December 18 - Photo Gallery

9:00 North Heights Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy Music Makers
9:20 Angie Grant Elementary Panther Choir
9:40 Pride of Woodrow Cummins
10:00 Holy Souls Sixth Grade Choir
10:20 JCSD Elementary Honors Choir
10:40 Paron Elementary
11:00 Hot Springs Middle School Choir
11:20 St Joseph Elementary Fifth Grade
11:40 New Edition - Peake
12:00 Bryant Elementary
12:20 Bryant Elementary
12:40 Magnet Cove Middle School Choir
1:00 Pulaski Heights Middle School Choir
1:20 George Elementary Honor Choir
1:40 Shaw Elementary- Springdale, AR
2:00 Jones Elementary - Jones Jaguar Choir
2:20 Clarksville High School Concert Choir
2:40 Clarksville High School Chamber Choir
3:00 College Station Elementary Orchestra

December 19 - Photo Gallery

9:00 Little Rock Preparatory Academy Middle School
9:20 Pine Bluff Lighthouse Charter
9:40 Malvern High School Choir
10:00 The Vilonia Primary Melodies
10:20 Fulbright Elementary Choir
10:40 Wooster Elementary School
11:00 Gardner STEM Honor Choir
11:20 El Dorado Show Choir
11:40 El Dorado Oratorio Singers
12:00 Marked Tree School Junior High Choir
12:20 Marked Tree School - 4th Grade Choir
12:40 Bethel Middle School: Bethel Bellas
1:00 Greene County Tech Junior High Chamber Singers
1:20 Fordyce Elementary 4th Graders
1:40 Southside HIgh School Choir
3:00 Siloam Springs Middle School - Heart&Soul

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