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2014 Sounds of the Season 

Every year, school choirs from all over the state come to the Capitol to perform special holiday and Christmas music.  See the drop-down playlist menu in the upper left corner of the video player above for the full list of school performances available for viewing.  Performances are arranged according to the schedule below.  Also, you can click on a date below to view and download photos from each performance.

December 8 - Photo Gallery

9:00 Lonoke Middle School Choir
9:20 Arkadelphia High School Choir
9:40 Little Rock Central High School Madrigals
10:00 Theodore Jones Jaguar Choir
10:20 Sheridan Freshman Academy and Treble
10:40 Gandy Elementary - Gandy Singers
11:00 Kirby Elementary Choir
11:20 Fountain Lake Cobra Chorus
11:40 Hampton Vocal Music Ensemble
12:00 Chicot Elementary Group A
12:20 Chicot Elementary Group B
12:40 Arkansas Northeastern College Singers
1:00 Mann Magnet Middle School Choir
1:20 Brookland Troubador Choir
1:40 Little Rock Christian Academy Jr. High Warrior Choir
2:00 Little Rock Christian Academy Jr. and Sr. High School Warrior Choirs
2:20 Crossett High School Kantorei
2:40 Crossett Middle School 6th Grade Choir
3:00 Ellen Smith Tiger Tones

December 9 - Photo Gallery

9:00 Otter Creek 5th Grade Choir
9:20 St. Joseph Elementary Third Grade
9:40 Moody Singers
10:00 Mann Magnet Middle School--Piano lab
10:20 Cabe Middle School 5th & 6th Grade Choir
10:40 Malvern Elementary School Chorus
11:00 Oaklawn Visual & Performing Arts Magnet ShowChoir
11:20 Sheridan High School Mixed Choir and Jazz Ensemble
11:40 Woodlawn Jr. and Sr. High Choir
12:00 Hoxie High School Senior Mixed Choir
12:20 Two Rivers Jr. High and Sr. High Choir
12:40 Cutter Morning Star High School Choir
1:00 Lake Hamilton 5th grade Choir
1:20 White Hall 6th Grade Beginner Choir
1:40 White Hall 7th Grade Girls Choir
2:00 Benton Junior High School Heartsong
2:20 Mountain Home Chamber Singers
2:40 Danville High School Choir
3:00 Walnut Ridge High School Holiday Singers

December 10 - Photo Gallery

9:00 Robinson Elementary Singing Senators
9:20 Alma Intermediate School 5th Grade Honor Choir
9:40 The Morrilton Melodies
10:00 A Cappella Choir
10:20 Brunson New Vision Charter School- Brunson Super Singers
10:40 Warren Middle School Choiristers
11:00 Kirby High School Choir
11:20 Nettleton Middle School Honor Choir
11:40 Columbia Christian School Choir
12:00 Riverside High School Concert Choir
12:20 Washington Elementary
12:40 Tuckerman High School Music Club
1:00 Arkansas Baptist High School Advanced Choir
1:20 Perryville Senior High Choir
2:00 Sylvan Hills High School
2:20 Jessieville Concert Choir
2:40 Marmaduke High School Choir
3:00 Hamburg Delta Schools Choir

December 11 - Photo Gallery

9:00 Mayflower High School Mayflower High School Choir
9:20 Goza Middle School Choir
9:40 Benton Junior High School Heartsong
10:00 Riverview Junior High Choir
10:20 Central Singing Bears-Arkadelphia, AR
10:40 Warren High School Choir
11:00 Heber Springs Elementary Honor Choir
11:20 Taylor Elementary - Taylor Singers
11:40 Harrison Junior High 9th Girls
12:00 Harrison Junior High 8th & 9th Boys
12:20 Parson Hills Choir
12:40 Cedar Ridge High School Choir
1:00 Gurdon Primary School Choir
1:20 Camden Fairview Middle School Choir
1:40 Treble Makers Bonnie Grimes Elementary
2:00 Marissa & Jacq’s Dancers
2:20 Pangburn Chamber Singers
2:40 Hope Chamber Choir
3:00 Dollarway High School Choir

December 12 - Photo Gallery

9:00 Northwood Middle School Choir
9:20 Episcopal Collegiate School Wildcat Chorale
9:40 Gurdon High School Choir
10:00 Riverview Harmony
10:20 Riverview Honor Choir
10:40 Monticello High / Middle School
11:00 Monticello Intermediate School Treble Choir
11:20 Hot Springs Middle School Choir
11:40 Dover Middle School Buccaneer Choir
12:00 Mena High School Spotlight Singers
12:20 Manila High School Female Chorus
12:40 Manila High School Select Choir
1:00 Star City High School Chamber Singers
1:20 Little Rock Christian Academy - Fourth Grade
1:40 Episcopal Collegiate Chorus
2:00 Episcopal Collegiate Concert Choir
2:20 Corning High School Choir
2:40 Emerson Glee Club
3:00 Emerson High School

December 15 - Photo Gallery

09:00 Pottsville Junior High Mixed Choir
09:20 Ringgold Elementary Choir
09:40 Don Roberts Elementary: Robert’s Choir
10:00 Crystal Hill Elementary 5th Grade Honor Choir
10:20 Christ the King School Choir
10:40 Valley View Chamber Choir
11:00 Julia Lee Moore Elementary, Conway: Mustang Singers
11:20 Carl Stuart Middle School Choir
11:40 Harmony Grove Middle School Choir
12:00 Sequoyah’s 4th Grade Students
12:20 Watson Chapel Senior Mass Choir
12:40 Cossatot River High School Noteworthy and Cantabile
01:00 Cotter Junior High and Senior High Choir
01:20 Lakeside 7th grade choir
02:00 Cedarville Junior High Mixed Chorus
02:20 Cedarville High School Mixed Chorus
02:40 Nettleton Junior High Bel Canto
03:00 Nettleton Junior High Raider Male Choir

December 16 - Photo Gallery

9:00 Westside Elementary Showstoppers
9:20 Eastside Elementary Entertainers
9:40 Hardin Elementary
10:00 Ida Burns Elementary 4th Grade Choir
10:20 Southside Middle School Choir
10:40 Hurricane Creek Patriot Chorus
11:00 Perritt Primary Nickelodeon Choir
11:20 J.B. Hunt Elementary, Hunt Husky Choir
11:40 Academy of the Arts Children’s Choir
12:00 Carolyn Lewis Elementary School Cougar Choir
12:20 Harmony Grove High School Choir
12:40 Oak Grove Middle School - Select Choir (Paragould School DIstrict)
1:00 Mills High School Concert Choir
1:20 Prairie Grove High School Tiger Honor Choir
1:40 Pottsville High School Concert Choir
2:00 Jacksonville Lighthouse Charter Senior High Mixed Chorus
2:20 Jacksonville Lighthouse Charter Junior High Mixed Chorus
2:40 Jacksonville Lighthouse Charter Dynamics
3:00 MacArthur Junior High Choir

December 17 - Photo Gallery

9:00 Clinton Show Choir
9:20 Musical Mateys from Dover Elementary
9:40 Wilson Intermediate School Choirs
10:00 Ray Simon Middle School 6th Grade Choir
10:20 Ray Simon Middle School 7th Grade Choir
10:40 Southside Elementary 3rd grade choir
11:00 Jim Stone Elementary 4th Grade Choir
11:20 Eliza Miller Primary Choir
11:40 Academy of the Arts Children’s Choir
12:00 Prairie Grove Intermediate School Brioso Honor Choir
12:20 Dwight and London Elementary Combined Choir
12:40 Ms. Karen’s Dance Studio
1:00 Morrilton Elementary School Mighty Pup Singers
1:20 Robinson Middle School Senator Choir
1:40 Harrisburg School Junior High Choir
2:00 Harrisburg School Chamber Madrigal Choir
2:20 Allbritton Elementary
2:40 Conway High School Camerata Singers
3:00 Meadowcliff’s Ambassadors of the Arts

December 18 - Photo Gallery

9:00 North Heights Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy Music Makers
9:20 Angie Grant Elementary Panther Choir
9:40 Pride of Woodrow Cummins
10:00 Holy Souls Sixth Grade Choir
10:20 JCSD Elementary Honors Choir
10:40 Paron Elementary
11:00 Hot Springs Middle School Choir
11:20 St Joseph Elementary Fifth Grade
11:40 New Edition - Peake
12:00 Bryant Elementary
12:20 Bryant Elementary
12:40 Magnet Cove Middle School Choir
1:00 Pulaski Heights Middle School Choir
1:20 George Elementary Honor Choir
1:40 Shaw Elementary- Springdale, AR
2:00 Jones Elementary - Jones Jaguar Choir
2:20 Clarksville High School Concert Choir
2:40 Clarksville High School Chamber Choir
3:00 College Station Elementary Orchestra

December 19 - Photo Gallery

9:00 Little Rock Preparatory Academy Middle School
9:20 Pine Bluff Lighthouse Charter
9:40 Malvern High School Choir
10:00 The Vilonia Primary Melodies
10:20 Fulbright Elementary Choir
10:40 Wooster Elementary School
11:00 Gardner STEM Honor Choir
11:20 El Dorado Show Choir
11:40 El Dorado Oratorio Singers
12:00 Marked Tree School Junior High Choir
12:20 Marked Tree School - 4th Grade Choir
12:40 Bethel Middle School: Bethel Bellas
1:00 Greene County Tech Junior High Chamber Singers
1:20 Fordyce Elementary 4th Graders
1:40 Southside HIgh School Choir
3:00 Siloam Springs Middle School - Heart&Soul

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