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Title100th Anniversary of the Arkansas flag
Date02/26/2013 - 02/27/2013
DescriptionCan you imagine Arkansas’s flag with a big boat pictured on it? What about a dancing bear? Those were two of the ideas suggested during the search for the state’s first official flag. Before 1913, Arkansas did not have a state flag. The Pine Bluff Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution decided to hold a contest for ideas. There were 65 designs entered. Some were drawn with crayon, and some were pieced together with silk. The winning design came from Miss Willie Hocker of Wabbaseka. She explained the meaning for all the symbols on her flag: Red, white and blue — the colors of the U.S. flag 25 stars — Arkansas was the 25th state admitted to the Union Diamond — Arkansas is the nation’s only diamond-producing state The center stars — a) Three nations have ruled Arkansas: Spain, France and the United States b) Arkansas was the third state created from the Louisiana Purchase (1803) c) Two stars below “Arkansas” represent Arkansas and Michigan, “twin states” that became part of the United States near the same time (Arkansas on June 15, 1836, and Michigan on January 26, 1837) The state’s name was added on a suggestion by the selection committee. On February 26, 1913, the state legislature approved the design as the state’s official flag. In 1923, the legislature added a fourth blue star to indicate the state had been a member of the Confederate States of America from 1861 to 1865. Its placement was moved in 1924 to make the design balanced once again.
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