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Arkansas's Voting Machines 

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The Help America Vote Act required an overhaul of the state's voting equipment. The Arkansas Secretary of State’s office worked closely with local election officials to approve three new voting system options. Each county made the final decision on which voting machines best served the needs of its citizens.

Every polling site in the state will offer at least one touch-screen voting machine that is accessible for voters with physical and visual disabilities. Forty-four counties chose to use all touch-screen voting machines (also called Direct Record ELECTronic or DRE).

In addition to the equipment that is accessible to individuals with disabilities at each polling site, 28 counties will also use computer-counted paper ballots. Nine counties will count ballots using optical scanners at each precinct, while 19 counties will use a single central ballot counter at a location such as the courthouse. Three counties will continue using their existing DRE electronic voting equipment, which meets HAVA's requirements.

To learn more about the voting system in your area, click on your county in the map below.

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