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Classroom Presentations  

If you can’t come to the Capitol, let the Capitol come to you. This section includes a list of our fun educational classroom presentations. You may schedule a speaker to deliver a presentation to your class by calling (501) 682-3025.
  • Arkansas State Symbol Box (Grades K-2)
    A fun and interactive way to teach students about Arkansas’s State Symbols using hands on activities.
  • Three Branches of Government and How a Bill Becomes a Law ( Grades 4-6)
    An overview of the three branches of Government followed by an activity that takes students through the steps of passing a law.
  • Why does a Secretary Take Care of the State Capitol? (Grades 5-12)
    An overview of the duties of the Secretary of State’s office.
  • Young Voters Workshop (Grades 9-12)
    A hands-on lesson in the history of voting, told through skits, games and current events discussions. Come to the statewide event in spring and fall, or schedule an on-site workshop for your school.

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