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Military - Arkansans in Uniform

Arkansans have seen honorable service in all of the wars of the United States to occur since the organization of the state in 1836.  Figures for Arkansans in service are disputable, but mortality figures are considered fairly reliable:

War Arkansas mortality
American Civil War  3782 (Confederate)
<2000 (Union)
Spanish-American War 50 (approx.; deaths occurred during training)
World War I  292 (combat); 472 (other causes)
World War II 4611
Korean Conflict  461
Vietnam Conflict  588

Veterans in Arkansas Today

The Department of Veterans' Affairs's Arkansas constituency exceeds 283,000 veterans.   In 2001,  74,224 people received health care in the state's VA facilities.  46,286 Arkansas veterans and survivors collected disability compensation or pension payments.   Over 4,000 veterans or their families went to school thanks to provisions of the Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944.  Over 36,000 live in houses bought with loans guaranteed by the same act.  904 were interred in Arkansas' three national cemeteries.

The DVA operates major medical centers in Little Rock and Fayetteville. In 2001, these provided 13,387 inpatient stays and almost 650,210 outpatient visits.  The DVA's Little Rock Regional Office serves veterans and their survivors in the state who seek VA financial benefits. In fiscal year 2001, the Little Rock office processed 5,485 disability compensation claims. During fiscal year 2001, the Little Rock facility acted on 4,472 cases where veterans reopened claims.

Arkansas  national cemeteries in Fort Smith, Fayetteville and Little Rock. In 2001, these saw 904 burials. A state veterans cemetery constructed in North Little Rock in 2001 with a VA grant conducted 71 interments. In addition, the VA has provided 4,497 headstones and markers for the graves of veterans in Arkansas and 2,532 Presidential Memorial Certificates to survivors of Arkansas veterans.

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