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Featured Employee 

Keith Diemer, Master Electrician

An electrician for 20 years, good-natured, polite – an all-around great person.  Who are we talking about?  Keith Diemer, a Master Electrician in the Capitol Facilities Division.  If you want to know the amperage an electrical device uses, Keith is your guy.  Amps, watts, kilowatts, megawatts, joules, ergs, resistance…sounds like another language to most people.

Becoming an electrician is not an easy three-day seminar.  Keith went to school in the evening and completed an apprenticeship on his way to becoming a Master Electrician.  He has been licensed for about 10 years. Once licensed as a Master Electrician, you are required to complete Continuing Education Hours once every 3 years. However, Keith believes in keeping current by taking courses more often.

To get away and relax, Keith will drop a line into Greers Ferry Lake or the White River.  He really enjoys trout fishing on the White River.  Being quiet and still, waiting for the “big one” to bite, seems to fit Keith.

If he was given a million dollars tax-free, he would pay all debts and make his daughter’s dream of becoming a dentist a reality.  At the top of his bucket list is going to Alaska.  What do you think he would do, once there?  Go FISHING, of course!

Fellow staffers describe Keith as dependable, always ready to help and find solutions to problems.  Also, he’s a great guy, is very organized and loves post-it notes.

Thank you, Keith, for your service in the Capitol Facilities Division!


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