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Featured Employee 

Richelle Crossland, Assistant Manager, State Capitol Gift Shop

Richelle Crossland really enjoys her job. Really, she likes all aspects of her job: serving customers, maintaining displays, keeping track of inventory, climbing ladders, and unpacking new arrivals. At the end of August, she will have been with the Office of the Secretary of State for nine years.

However, all of this pales in comparison when she talks about her family, especially her daughter Katy and her grandfather ("Papaw"), who is 90 years young. These are the most important people in her life and she dotes on them.

Richelle loves gardening and grows beautiful roses. Not much else responds to her green thumb, she claims. She also makes jewelry with her longtime friend, Julia Butler. Julia says Richelle is a “Trekkie” and science fiction fan, as well as a history buff who likes action movies. Who knew?

For about six years in her late teens, Richelle had the blissful privilege to live on the island of St. Croix and toured the island endlessly in her Jeep. This fostered a love of the Caribbean. She says she would like to be able to retire to the Caribbean one day, but Florida may be as close as she gets.

Some of the things on her bucket list: an in-depth tour of the Smithsonian and Washington, D. C., and building a “tiny” home.  

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