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Featured Employee 

Alvina Makogonova, Business Office Accountant

When she first came to the United States in 1997, Alvina Makogonova brought her youngest daughter, Natasha for treatment at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Natasha’s treatment was successful. They were hosted by Little Rock residents, John and Shannon Chamberlin.

During this time, she and her daughter visited the Arkansas State Capitol. Mr. Chamberlin took them to the Office of the Secretary of State and there, they received Arkansas Traveler’s Certificates from former Secretary of State Sharon Priest. She never dreamed that one day she would come to the State Capitol Building and work for the Office of the Secretary of State. Alvina says, “I am very proud to go to my work in the State Capitol every morning and do the work that I like.”

In 1998, Alvina started classes at UALR and majored in accounting. Her background in math was very strong as her previous degree from the Moscow State University of Railway Engineering was in civil engineering. After graduating in 2002, Alvina worked at a consulting firm for 10 years accumulating great accounting experience.  In 2012, she was hired to work as part of the accounting team in the Business Office of the Secretary of State.

Alvina has three daughters: Lyuba, Anna, and Natasha, and two granddaughters. They are all in the United States and keep her “happily” busy. She also met a wonderful man, Ken. She and Ken married last year. They enjoy traveling, hiking, swimming, the Arkansas Symphony and cooking for the family. Alvina is grateful for the welcome and helping hand so many people in Arkansas have extended to her family.

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