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Featured Employee - Lisa Bruno 

Our newest featured employee is Lisa Bruno of the Business & Commercial Services division. Lisa joined the Secretary of State's office in October 1994.

"I was the last employee hired by (then-Secretary) Bill McCuen," Lisa said. "A month after being hired, I had to re-interview for my job under Sharon Priest." She has now served four administrations: McCuen, Priest, Charlie Daniels and Mark Martin.

"Every time an administration changes, there's a learning curve, because every Secretary has different ideas to implement," she said. "All of those changes eventually work out for the best."

That was something Lisa discovered soon after being hired.

In 1994, there was no BCS division. Instead, each of the duties BCS now encompasses was a distinct department: Corporations, Franchise Tax, Trademarks, UCC, and Notary. Lisa was hired into the Franchise Tax division, then moved to Corporations. When the Priest administration began cross-training the departments, Lisa had a head start.

That cross-training was one of the biggest challenges early in her career with the SOS. "We were so specialized that learning a different system took time," she said.

"I have a Flexibility Award in my desk" for her ability to adapt to the transitions she has survived, she said.

The biggest challenge each year, Lisa said, is franchise tax season, when employees are deluged with incoming franchise tax payments and annual reports.

She enjoys the work. "I really do like it when I can help someone on the phone maybe talking someone through how to file franchise taxes on the website. Sometimes they just need some extra help, and I like doing that."

And her co-workers are a big benefit. "I like the people I work with. We all get along, and that makes work better."

BCS Director Daryl Bassett commended Lisa's dedication and integrity. "She seems to understand that working in this office involves the establishment of a commitment "a contract" with the people of the state of Arkansas," he said. And "while that commitment may not be recognized publicly, it is one that will always be appreciated by those whom she has served. We could use a million like her."

Continuing that commitment is her goal. "I like what I do," Lisa said. "I'd like to keep doing it."

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