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Featured Employee 

Lyndajo Jones-Watson, Executive Administrative Assistant

Most of us know Lyndajo as the smiling face greeting us in Suite 256 in the Capitol, but there is a lot more to her than meets the eye. 

Lyndajo recently completed her very first race on foot – she completed the Little Rock Half Marathon! What started off as a challenge from her fitness trainer turned into a serious training routine. 

Paired with a workout partner, Lyndajo started training in December – walking seven days a week and joining a running club on Saturdays.  

With no headphones and sheer focus, Lyndajo completed the 13.1 miles in better time than she expected. She started the race in Corral E, toward the back, but finished with racers who had started in B and C Corral! Her major goal – to not finish last. She far exceeded her expectations and did a great job in the race. 

Lyndajo has been with the Secretary of State’s office for 10 years, starting first in the Business and Commercial Services Division, then moving to Elections, however, she has spent the majority of her time in the Executive Office.

Our hats are off to Lyndajo on her accomplishment and for all she does for the Secretary of State's Office.

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