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Featured Employee 

Beverly Robertson, BCS Team Leader

Everyone should have a moment in the spotlight.  Our featured employee was very reluctant to move into the spotlight.  Even though she was assured that the light would not be blinding or the heat intense, it took the persuading of co-workers before she was comfortable with the idea.

She has been here a little longer than most of us – a LOT longer than many of us.  However, it doesn’t seem her long-term service has aged her one bit.  She makes you comfortable from the moment you meet her – with her easy smile and pleasant demeanor.

Her entire career with the Secretary of State has been in the Business and Commercial Services Department.  Although, early on, she said that the various services were distributed into more than one division.  She is knowledgeable about the workings in all divisions of her department which allows her to be a resource for newer employees.  Yet, she continues to add to her skills and knowledge by taking on-line courses.  Yes, she is a good role model for the younger, or should we say, less experienced employee.

If you think work is her whole life, you would be mistaken.  She finds time for her family which includes four grandchildren.  She is a cat lover, likes to listen to books on tape and delve into genealogy.

Co-workers describe Beverly as a devoted, dedicated employee.  She is very kind and considerate and would do just about anything for anybody.

Thank you, Beverly, for 30+ years of faithful service to the people of Arkansas!

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